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callbacks: Object

Events to call when the page is opened.

Type declaration

onCloseAnyCallbackFunction to call when the View is closed.
onReadyAnyCallbackFunction to call when the View is loaded. Usually used to pass data to the WebView after it's ready.

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Optional keybind: any

An optional hotkey to open / close the page. Set useSameKeyToClose to true to force the same key to close the interface.

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name: string

The full name of the Vue file you are trying to load.

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Optional options: Object

Type declaration

disableEscapeKey?booleanDisable the escape key auto-close bind.
onClose?{ enableControls?: boolean ; enablePauseMenu?: boolean ; hideCursor?: boolean ; setIsMenuOpenToFalse?: boolean ; showHud?: boolean ; showOverlays?: boolean ; unblurBackground?: boolean ; unfocus?: boolean }-
onClose.enableControls?booleanEnable game controls on close.
onClose.enablePauseMenu?booleanEnable the pause menu on close?
onClose.hideCursor?booleanHide the cursor when the WebView is closed?
onClose.setIsMenuOpenToFalse?booleanSets alt.Player.local.isMenuOpen to false if true.
onClose.showHud?booleanShow the HUD when the WebView is closed?
onClose.showOverlays?booleanShow overlays when the WebView is closed?
onClose.unblurBackground?booleanUnblur the game.
onClose.unfocus?booleanUnfocus the WebView when it is closed?
onOpen?{ blurBackground?: boolean ; disableControls?: "all" | "camera" | "none" ; disablePauseMenu?: boolean ; focus?: boolean ; forceOpen?: boolean ; hideHud?: boolean ; hideOverlays?: boolean ; setIsMenuOpenToTrue?: boolean ; showCursor?: boolean }-
onOpen.blurBackground?booleanBlur the game.
onOpen.disableControls?"all" | "camera" | "none"Disable game controls on open?
onOpen.disablePauseMenu?booleanDisable pause menu while this page is open?
onOpen.focus?booleanFocus the WebView when this page is opened.
onOpen.forceOpen?booleanForce the WebView open. Disregard all rules.
onOpen.hideHud?booleanHide the HUD when the WebView is opened.
onOpen.hideOverlays?booleanHide overlays when the WebView is opened.
onOpen.setIsMenuOpenToTrue?booleanSets alt.Player.local.isMenuOpen to false if false.
onOpen.showCursor?booleanShow the cursor when the WebView is focused?

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