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Running Athena

When you are running the framework you should always ensure you are in the altv-athena-private or the directory which has the Athena Framework source files.

An example of how your terminal should look if you are in the right directory.

Always open a powershell, command prompt, or a terminal to run the commands below.

First Step

When you are running Athena, always start off by running a windows instance.

After you run the command below, join the server and create a character.

npm run windows

Second Step

When you are done you can hit CTRL + C to close the server.

Third Step

When you want to make changes, and do development you can use the dev command.

This only works on your local computer utilizing windows with GTA:V installed.

This is considered the FASTEST way to develop with this framework.

Here's what you should do first.

  • Edit your altv.toml file where your alt:V installation is located.
  • Add debug = true to your configuration.
  • Restart your alt:V Client if it was running already.

After, you can run the server command below.

npm run dev

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