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Getting Started

Full Installation

It is recommended to do a full install but quick instructions are provided below.

Hey Listen!

Athena is not a plug and play game mode. If you cannot script, program, or code and are not willing to learn it is not advised to use this game mode.

Install Guides

Fast Installation

If you wish to use Athena but not make any changes to the core (unlikely you won't make changes) here are some simple instructions for the every day developer who just wants to test this with the alt:V Client quickly.



Quick start for getting Athena running. Make sure to install the above programs before doing anything below.

Run all of these in Command Prompt, Powershell, CLI, etc.

git clone
cd altv-athena
npm install
npm run update
npm run windows
  • Launch the alt:V Client
  • Join with0.0.0.0:7788 in Direct Connect
    • If the above does not work, try
  • That's it.

Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020