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Command List ‚Äč

Generated April 17, 2023

/activateExtra [id]
/addbank [amount] [id]
/addcash [amount] [id]
/additem [dbName] [amount] [version?]
/addperm [account or character] [ingame-id] [permission] - Add an account permission
/addvehicle [model] - Adds an owned vehicle to self
/ban [id] [...reason]
/clearinventory [id]
/clearskin [?id]
/cleartoolbar [id]
/clearweapons [id]
/coords [x] [y] [z]
/deactivateExtra [id]
/do [...message] - Describe an action you are performing.
/freeze [id]
/fullTuneVehicle - Full tunes a vehicle
/getcar [id]
/getclothing [id]
/gethere [id]
/getperms [account or character] [ingame-id] - Show current perms a player has
/getprop [id]
/getweapons [id]
/goto [id]
/id - Print your current identifier.
/joaat [string]
/kick [id] [...reason]
/low - Speak in a lower radius.
/me - Describe what you are doing.
/ooc - Speak out of character.
/removeitem [dbName] [amount] [version?]
/removeperm [account or character] [ingame-id] [permission] - Remove an account permission
/sessionvehicle [model] - Spawn a session vehicle
/setarmour [value] [id]
/setbank [amount] [id]
/setcash [amount] [id]
/setclothing [id] [drawable] [texture] [?create]
/setdimension [id] [dimension]
/sethealth [value] [id]
/setinterior [id] [interior]
/setprop [id] [drawable] [texture] [?create]
/setskin [model] [?id]
/setvehicledirtLevel [level] - Sets vehicle dirt level
/setVehicleLivery [nummer] - Sets vehicle livery
/svdl [level] - Sets vehicle dirt level
/svl [nummer] - Sets vehicle livery
/tempcomponent [id] [value]
/tempprop [id] [value]
/tempvehicle [model] - Adds a temporary vehicle to drive around. Despawns on exit.
/testactionmenu - A test action menu
/testcredits - Shows a temporary credits display
/testerrorscreen - Shows a temporary error screen
/testjobmenu - Shows a test job menu
/testobjectattach - Test object attachment
/testobjectattachinfinite - Test object attachment
/testped - A Test Ped. Does not delete itself
/testshard - Shows a temporary shard
/testspinner - Shows a temporary spinner
/testworldhelptext - Shows temporary world help text
/timecycle [name]
/tphere [partial_name]
/tpto [partial_name]
/tpwp [id]
/tunevehicle [modID] [value] - Sets the specified Mod to the given value
/unban [discord_identifier]
/unfreeze [id]
/vehdoor [0|1|2|3|4|5] - Open / Close a Vehicle Door
/vehengine - Toggle Vehicle Engine
/vehiclerepair - Repairs the nearest vehicle
/vehlock - Toggle Vehicle Lock
/whisper [id] [...message] - Whisper to another player.

Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020