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About Mods

What is NOT a Mod

Let me preface with the following statements.

  • A bunch of .js and .ts files are NOT a mod.
  • A resource from the alt:V Hub is NOT a mod.
  • A plugin from the Athena Discord is NOT a mod.

What is a Mod?

  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom MLOs (Interiors)
  • Custom Clothing
  • Custom Hairstyles


A Warning for Mod Users

Keep in mind that when you are adding dozens of vehicles, ensure you are checking that they are meant for multiplayer servers. A lot of vehicles have too many polygons. Which basically means; if you put too many vehicles that are too high quality you will absolutely lag your users.


A Warning about Mod Size

Not everyone has unlimited bandwidth and you should keep that in mind before distributing them to your userbase. It's really important that you keep your load times low. It can get quite boring for an end user when have to download huge resource packs.

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