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The garage system allows players to store and withdraw vehicles in preset virtual garages across Los Santos. A vehicle that is destroyed may be withdrawn from any garage. When a vehicle is stored it can only be withdrawn from that garage.

📁 src/core/plugins/core-garages/

  • Withdraw a Vehicle
  • Deposit a Vehicle


📁 src/core/plugins/core-garage/server/garages/LocationNameHere.ts

Additional garages can be added inside of the garages folder.

📁 src/core/plugins/core-garage/server/src/garages.ts

Parking is an array of positions and rotations that should be used to park vehicles.

    position: { x: -2954.107666015625, y: 470.46356201171875, z: 14.9 },
    index: 'banham-canyon',
    parking: [
        position: {
                x: -2963.80224609375,
                y: 462.5670471191406,
                z: 15.210205078125,
        rotation: {
                x: 0,
                y: 0,
                z: -2.671590805053711,

There are commands for making parking lists easier. Check out this link.


Drive your car into a parking space near a garage.

If the parking space is registered you will be able to go to the garage marker and de-spawn it.

Access the garage interface by interacting with E.


No Commands Available

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