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Below are a few screenshots to help you visualize the features.

Data may not be reflected correctly as it is a preview and does not reflect production.


  • Invite to Faction
  • Member Management
    • Change Rank
    • Kick Member
  • Rank Management
    • Create Rank
    • Rename Rank
    • Modify Rank Permissions
    • Delete Rank
  • Vehicle Management
    • Add Vehicles for the Faction to Purchase
    • Spawn Vehicles by Rank
  • Bank Management
    • Withdraw Faction Money
    • Deposit Faction Money
    • Claim Paychecks from Faction Money
  • Settings
    • Paychecks
    • Parking Spawn Locations for Vehicles
    • Head Quarters
      • Where to create a blip to represent the Faction
  • Injectable WebViews into the Faction Page
    • Basically means you can expand on the core plugin by adding new pages.
    • 📁 src/core/plugins/core-faction-paychecks

Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020