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The faction system is a grouping system for admins to help player's group people together. It can be used for gangs, factions, businesses, etc. The current iteration of Factions does not have any built-in factions. You will have to create them yourself.

📁 src/core/plugins/core-factions/

There is already built-in group management, rank management, bank management, etc.


Currently the Faction Administrative tools are very limited. It's heavily database based.


The current configuration for factions is confusing and will be rather difficult. In the near future it will hopefully be resolved but I can at least state how to handle factions a bit better.


When you modify a faction in a database you must restart the server.

See the sidebar for Configuration sections.


An admin can create a faction by doing /fcreate faction_name_here.

An faction owner can invite others by performing /finvite ingame_id_here.

A player can accept an invite by typing /faccept.

A player in a faction can open the panel by typing /fopen.

An admin may join another faction by doing /fjoin faction_uid_here.

An admin may overwrite faction ownership by joinig a faction and performing /fsetowner ingame_id_here.



This command can be used to create a faction as an Admin.

Requires the admin to not be in a faction already.

/fcreate [faction_name]


Opens a faction panel if the player is in a faction.



Forces the admin to quit their current faction and join a new faction by uid.

/fjoin [uid]


Invite a player to your faction if you have invite permissions.

Requires knowing their name, or an identifier in-game.

/finvite [id_or_first_las]


Accept last faction invite.



As an admin override the current owner of the faction to another player in-game in the faction.

/fsetowner [id]

Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020