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A dealership is where player's can spend money to purchase vehicles. The dealership is completely automated and nobody currently owns these shops.

📁 src/core/plugins/core-dealership/

It allows the player to do the following:

  • Visit a dealership
  • Browse vehicles by type depending on location
  • Preview the vehicle and change its color
  • Purchase the vehicle

The Dealership also has its own interface.


The default vehicles for purchase can be found in the following folder:

📁 src/core/plugins/core-dealership/server/src/defaults.ts

A dealership can be appended to the default dealerships by creating a new entry.

        uid: 'muscle-1',
        name: 'Muscle Cars',
        vehiclePosition: { x: -43.83578109741211, y: -1097.210693359375, z: 25.6 },
        cam: { x: -45.301246643066406, y: -1100.4744873046875, z: 25.6 },
        pos: { x: -40.81455993652344, y: -1104.499267578125, z: 25.6 },
        vehicles: VehicleData.filter((x) => x.class === VEHICLE_CLASS.MUSCLE && x.sell),
  • uid
    • A unique identifier for this dealership
  • name
    • The blip / physical name of this dealership
  • vehiclePosition
    • Where the blip position should be.
  • cam
    • Where the camera should be.
  • pos
    • Where the camera should point.
  • vehicles
    • An Array of VehicleInfo
    • See src/core/shared/information/vehicles.ts for more information.


Vehicles property is a property that filters all vehicles by class, and if they can be sold. This filter can be adjusted to customize the vehicles in a dealership.


A player can visit a physical dealership and interact with E. It will bring up a menu. The player can preview different vehicles, select them, and then color them before purchasing them.

The dealership automatically takes a combination of cash and bank.

Cash is always removed first.


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