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Character Select


The character select plugin allows you to select existing characters, specify a single character configuration, and determine the flow before your player joins the server.


Character Select has an Agenda Index of 99.

Meaning it should always be the last step in the player login flow.

📁 src/core/plugins/core-character-select/

It allows the player to do the following:

  • Rotate between characters.
  • Select a character.
  • Delete a character.
  • Create a new character.

It also includes a standard interface to go with it.

Athena's Default Character Select


The configuration can be found in the following folder:

📁 src/core/plugins/core-character-select/shared/config.ts

    • The position where the character should stand.
    • The heading in which the character should face. A rotation 0-360.
    • How many characters are allowed.
    • Set this to true to enforce single character select.
    • MAX_CHARACTERS must also be set to 1 to enforce this.

The camera is created based on the player's position and heading.


During the character select screen a player will have the option to create a new character if they have an existing one, or they will automatically be forced to create a new character when they join the server.

The can choose a different character by navigating left and right.

They can also delete a character.

One character must always exist.


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Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020