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While not everything can be magically fixed when working with Athena, there are some steps you can take to help identify your problem.

The Fix Command

There's a command that comes with Athena that can only be ran with npm install has been ran successfully once.

After having ran that command once, you can run the following in a terminal.

npm run fix

After running this command run the following:

npm install
npm run update

If you're lucky everything will go back to normal. If not, you may need to seek out additional help in Discord.

Black Screen, No WebView

This means that there's a Vue plugin which has an error in it. This is mostly due to adding plugins that may be broken.

This can be resolved by doing the following:

  1. Look at each plugin your src/core/plugins folder.
  2. Determine which plugins were added or modified.
  3. Disable or remove a custom plugin.
  4. Start the server. Check if it resolves it.
  5. If it did not resolve it, go to step 2 again.

If successful you'll determine which plugin is causing issues in your installation.

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