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Inserts any type of document structure into a specific collection.

Returns the inserted document if last parameter is set to true.

The returned document will contain an assigned _id.



  • document -> Object | Template
    • Any object, interface, etc.
  • collection -> string
    • The name of the collection that is being inserted into.
  • returnDocument -> boolean
    • If set to true the returned document will have an _id.


  • Promises to return a document if returnDocument set to true.
interface PhoneInfo {
    _id?: unknown;
    owner: string;
    cell: number;

async function insertSomething() {
    const newPhoneInfo = await Athena.database.funcs.insertData<PhoneInfo>({ owner: '631779d7119e86368a313e1b', cell: 5551111222 }, 'PhoneInfoCollection', true);

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