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Used to fetch data from a collection based on a specific key and value pairing. It will return the entire matching document if it is found.



  • key -> string
    • An identifier to help find the document you are looking for.
    • Example: '_uid'
  • value -> any
    • A value that should correspond under that specific key's value.
    • Example: '61d09f92d8fe7c5bcc567953'
  • collection -> string
    • The name of the collection to fetch data from.
    • Example: 'characters'

A Key Value Pair in MongoDB Compass


  • Promise of specified document type or null if not found.
interface PottedPlants {
    _uid?: unknown;
    pos: {
        x: number,
        y: number,
        z: number

async function fetchSomething() {
    const result = await Athena.database.funcs.fetchData<PottedPlants>('_uid', '61d09f92d8fe7c5bcc567953', 'pottedplants');
    if (!result) {
        console.log('Could not find data');
    console.log('Found the data');
    return result;

Created by Stuyk | Est. 2020